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Between May 4th and 13th 2018, the second edition of Japan Art Week will be celebrated in Madrid, a festival that celebrates the works of contemporary creators of any origin inspired by Japanese culture and art, and that will take place in different halls and spaces of the city.

Japan Art Week is a multi-venue festival that since 2017 celebrates the works of contemporary creators of any origin inspired by Japanese arts and culture, through multiple activities in different spaces in the city of Madrid. Japan Art Week is a platform that aims to make visible the contemporary art inspired by the art and culture of Japan, looking for new art expression through the mixture of Japan`s imagery with other culture`s ways of view and the updating of its artistic codes.

This call for artistic projects is proposed as a way to promote contact and collaboration between creators with projects related to Japanese art and culture, and cultural spaces interested in taking part of Japan Art Week; including into their yearly program the proposals submitted to this call that they consider more interesting.

The organization of Japan Art Week has, therefore, a character of cultural mediator, holding the artists and spaces themselves the protagonism and responsibility of their own relationship.
1. Phases of the call.
I.- Submission of projects. Until February 15. After the selection of the artistic projects that can be integrated into the program, a second phase will be opened :
II.- Adaptation and development of the projects selected in collaboration with the participating spaces. Those artists whose projects are chosen for their adaptation in one of the participating spaces, must specify directly to the space the terms of their participation prior to their programming within Japan Art Week.

2. Submission of projects.
a) All those artists, curators and entities that formulate projects inspired by Japanese art and culture, without distinction of nationality or origin, may be present.
b) Projects submitted must have their production expenses covered prior to their programming at Japan Art Week.
c) Projects will be formulated in a pdf document of maximum 8 pages and maximum 10 MB, which will include images of the works presented, as well as CVs of the artists and the texts and technical details of the installation, musical, audiovisual, literary, etc.
d) The submission of the application will be made through the form on the page
e) Deadline for projects reception is February 15th, 2018.
f) JAW organization may collect supplementary information from the persons or entities that submit themselves to the call.
g) For any questions related to the submission of projects, you can write to:

3. Content of the projects.
a) Projects can be individual or collective.
b) In the case of plastic projects, artists may use any type of media (painting, sculpture, photography, video art, sound, etc.), and may be single or multiple works. Artists should submit their project detailing their articulation in one of these two modalities (or both) :
1.- Project for a space of 10 m2
2.- Project for space of 50 m2
c) For musical, scenic or audiovisual projects, show’s technical specifications will be required.
d) For other types of projects (workshops, literary actions, etc.) the proposal is requested to be as detailed as possible, also indicating the technical needs.
e) All projects must include in the same pdf file a short curriculum of the artists or participants.
f) All the projects must be previously financed before their presentation. If any entity directly sponsors the project of the artist or participant, you must also indicate it in the pdf document.

4. Pre-selection of projects
a) The conceptual coherence of the proposal will be particularly valued, as well as the novel approaches when considering its relationship with the Japanese aesthetics and cultural codes.
b) JAW organization committee will be able to obtain the opinion of the professionals they estimate to evaluate the projects submitted and determine its suitability for its programming in Japan Art Week 2018. Decisions made by the committee will be unappealable.
c) Pre-selection of the projects does not necessarily imply their exhibition, which will be determined throughout the second phase of the project.

5. Adaptation of the projects.
After the evaluation of the projects, JAW organization will propose to the different participating spaces those proposals that it deems most appropriate for the 2018 edition of Japan Art Week. The spaces and organizations that decide to accept these proposals, will establish direct agreements to develop their collaboration with artists, participants or collectives selected.
JAW is not responsible for the breach of these bilateral agreements by both artists and the spaces and entities that host their proposals, since their role is limited to evaluate the projects and estimate their possible suitability for their integration in the Japan Art Week calendar.

6. Basic commitments of artists and participants
Selected artists and participants commit themselves to the realization of their exhibition, install, etc. in the terms specified in its proposal, and in the times and modes agreed with the space where it is programmed.
All financing terms related to completion of the project (production of art work, travels, shipping, installing, uninstalling, technical equipment, etc., as well as any expenses incurred), must be covered by artists and participants, either directly or through sponsoring entities of the project, which will be specified in the submission.
Participating spaces will assume the technical needs previously stated, assisting in the installing and uninstalling of the shows, and collaborating on the terms that they have agreed directly with the artists, without this implying any type of obligation accrued to the Japan Art Week organization.

7. Limitations of the intermediation of Japan Art Week
a) Japan Art Week supervises the program and limits itself to intermediate between artists and spaces for the definition of the projects, without committing themselves in the agreements to which they arrive among themselves. In the case of sales of works, tickets or registration in the activities, Japan Art Week will not participate in these benefits, whose distribution will be agreed directly between spaces and artists.
b) Japan Art Week is not responsible for any expenses related to the fulfillment of the activities programmed in the different spaces, as well as for any other aspect related to the completion by the artist or the participant of the activity in the space where it is scheduled (security, insurance for the art works, civil liability insurance, etc.).

8. Communication of the integrated projects in Japan Art Week 2018
a) Both the artists and the participating spaces give Japan Art Week the rights of communication of their images for the promotion of their events.
b) Artists and the Spaces commit themselves to make an active diffusion of its activities included in Japan Art Week, especially through its social networks, clearly identifying its integration in JAW.
c) JAW is committed to communicate through its different communication channels those artistic activities that appear in the Japan Art Week 2018.

9. Submission to JAW of the artistic projects implies the total acceptance of these terms and conditions.



Download Open Call for Art Projects (pdf file)

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